Liquor County Fees

Liquor License  County Fee
(PE) Beverage Cartage Permit $20.00
(J) Bonded Warehouse Permit $150.00
(B) Brewer’s Permit $1,500.00
(CB) Caterer’s Permit $500.00
(D) Distiller’s & Rectifier’s Permit $1,500.00
(LP) Local Distributor’s Permit $100.00
(LI) Local Industrial Alcohol Manufacturer’s Permit $100.00
(MI) Mini Bar Permit  Original $2,000.00
1st Renewal $1,500.00
2nd Renewal $1,000.00
3rd and All Subsequent Renewals $750.00
(MR) Market Research Packager’s Permit $100.00
(MB) Mixed Beverage Permit 3rd year in business $1,125.00
4th & 5th year in business $1,500.00
 6th & all future years in business $750.00
(LB) Mixed Beverage Late Hours $150.00
(P) Package Store Permit $500.00
(PS) Package Store Tasting Permit $25.00
(Q) Wine Only Package Store $75.00
(W) Wholesaler’s Permit $1,875.00
(X) General Class B Wholesaler’s Permit $300.00
(LX) Local Class B Wholesaler’s Permit $75.00
(V) Wine & Beer Retalier’s Excursion Boat  $130.00
(Z) Wine Bottler’s Permit $225.00
(G) Winery Permit $75.00
(GF) Winery Festival Permit $50.00
(RM) Mixed Beverage Permit with FB 3rd year in business $1,125.00
 4th & 5th year in business $1,500.00
6th & all future years in business $750.00